A new logo for KeyboardPlaying

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and now the time has come: KeyboardPlaying has a new logo. Which means it will soon have a new website too.

You can find it on Github. Fork if you have any way to make it better (either better looking or just a better construction of the SVG).

Now, this lays the foundations of the future graphical style of the website. The colors were inspired from the Material Design Lite, which I’ll use for the next version of the homepage. It is also flat as I like the current trend to minimalism and flatness. I find it much more soothing than all the fashion of imitating reality, making things 3D like with shadows and so on (though I loved it in that time too, but I was a bit younger; time to be an adult… Or maybe not totally).

No, for the website, just a bit of patience, please.