Idea for a keyboard adapter

The case

Keyboard layouts are numerous. Some time ago, friends of mine tried to persuade me to settle for a Dvorak layout. They proposed the BÉPO, though the programmer Dvorak would be more adapted to my professional life.

The idea was attractive. I never settled, though. Why, do you ask? The answer is simple: to be efficient on a keyboard, you need to know its layout by heart and be able to blind-type. This comes naturally after some practice.

However, switching to a keyboard layout has a learning curve. I would not mind if I were able to use the same layout everywhere, but when at work, I must comply with the hardware and rules (“Do not change the configuration of your machine! Get accustomed to your keyboard.”). And sometimes the access restrictions too (“Your rights are not sufficient to configure your clock.”).

In my not-so-long career, I have already had to use several variants of AZERTY and QWERTZ. I sometimes guess type on the Alcibiade‘s laptop, which is an AZERTY configured in international QWERTY. And then I come home and meet yet another variant of AZERTY.

How then to go and try to learn yet another layout?

One time when confronted with a QWERTZ and the explicit order not to change my configuration (as it could mess things up if they ever needed to remote control my machine), I imagined something.

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Hello, World!

This blog has been idle for some time, as I was busy at work. Fortunately, I am getting active again, and wishing to share.

But now is the time to reboot. And I actually mean “reboot”: some of the old posts will be rewritten over the weeks. An archive was created to keep them available meanwhile.

And new content should begin popping up quite shortly. See you soon!

Image courtesy from Alcibiade (CC-Attribution 4.0)