Monoid is a perfect font for coders

When you are a coder, you use a monospaced font. But finding one easy on the eyes is not that easy.

Andreas Larsen did his best to find a solution and he has come with something pretty interesting. In a few keywords, it is clean, sharp, a bit geeky, …

With more words:

  • It does not have Courier’s serifs.
  • Every character is easily recognizable. In Java for instance, you need to be able to distinguish without mistake an o from an O or a 0, or an l from a 1. After all, 42l and 421 are not the same thing at all. Riddles are based on this single possible confusion.
  • The character spacing is smaller than the usual, allowing to see more on your screen when you have long code lines (which I do not recommend though).
  • It’s Open Source and alive, with a Github project, issues and therefore the chance for the people who use it to make it better over time.
  • Purely geeky: it comes with funny ligatures. Take a look at the HTML comments in the sample below.
  • Edit (2015-08-01): The authors have integrated FontAwesome as ligatures into a variant of Monoid called Monoisome. Useful when you develop web projects with FontAwesome.
  • Tailored to your preferences: you can download it with different line height, character spacing, with or without ligatures, …
Monoid, HTML sample
Monoid, HTML sample

This takes the place of Ubuntu Mono as my favorite monospace font for coding. Way to go, Monoid!

Go to the Monoid website to download it.

Source: Found via Lifehacker