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Some thoughts on UX

A year ago, our company tried to put up a team specialized in UX — we dubbed ourselves the UX Avengers, hence the illustration for the post — and wanted its members to trigger some awareness in other developers about the associated issues. This post is translated from the introduction I wrote for the first newsletter we sent.

What is UX?

This notion is sometimes blurry and often confused with UI. UX is the short for User eXperience. According to Wikipedia and the ISO 9241-210 standard, it is “a person’s perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service”. The name defines the notion.

Obviously, better the experience is, better are the satisfaction and acceptance of the application.

What should you focus on to make your app’s UX better?

The interface

There is a reason UI and UX are so easily confused: the interface is the only thing the user perceives of the application (the look-and-feel). He might be more willing to spend some time on a sober and aesthetically pleasing screen than on a colorful and overloaded screen.

Dilbert designed a UI

The ergonomics

We just spoke about it, though you may have failed to realize it: a screen, as beautiful as it is, cannot be crowded with controls. Your application must be easy to apprehend and understand if it is to capture the users. It is the biggest secret of some well-known companies…


The technology

Even if you have the vision, you need the tools to make it concrete, preferably in an elegant way. The arsenal at your disposal is very wide and evolves rapidly. One of the purposes of this newsletter is to allow you to keep in touch with the latest evolutions.




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