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How to download a plugin-free Eclipse platform

Short answer

  1. Go to the dedicated download page.
  2. Select the version you want and click it (column: Build Name).
  3. Go to the Platform Runtime Binary section (available in the table of contents or by adding #PlatformRuntime at the end of your URL).
  4. Click the runtime corresponding to your OS.

Something more detailed

## What Eclipse really is

Most of us perceive Eclipse mainly as a customizable IDE. That is both true and false.

Eclipse is first and foremost a plugin platform.

Yet, when you wish to download it, you can only find pre-packaged versions with loads of plugin: for Java developers, for C/C++ developers, for PHP developers, for Eclipse Committers and so on. Hence the common mistake of thinking of it as an IDE first.

Why a plugin-free Eclipse can be interesting

Many plugins do not require a full development environment, therefore why overload your system with useless features? Keep your Eclipse light (and faster to boot) according to your requirements. Having several Eclipse configurations is not a problem.

Some examples of plugins which are not necessarily meant to be part of an IDE:

  • Apache Directory Studio turns Eclipse into a nice LDAP browser and directory client.
  • The Memory Analyzer is useful for Java Developers who wish to analyze thread dumps.
  • I used TeXlipse to make a portable \TeX editor (I will repost on this topic later).

See, the examples are numerous.

The Eclipse project download links

The links

A way of finding the Eclipse Platform Download page

I provided a direct URL to the download page, but the Internet is moving. If it is no longer valid, here is how to find the page again:

  1. Go to the Eclipse home page.
  2. Find the Project link (in the top menu bar).
  3. Search for the Eclipse Platform project and click on the “Download” icon.


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