Cloud9 and Maven

How to use Cloud9 with Maven 3?

Short answer

In your Cloud9 terminal:

Something more detailed

What is Cloud9?

Cloud9 ( is an online IDE. It integrates smoothly with Github and Bitbucket, and allows you to create as many workspaces as you like in the free plan.

Each workspace is actually a Linux virtual machine, and you have full access to it via a terminal. It is pre-loaded with all the tools you need for development in the latest languages (Ruby, PHP, Java, … Well, it is too comprehensive for me to make the list here).

It is obviously pre-loaded with GIT too (as long as you are willing to use it command-line-style, which I am).

Still, though it provides great support, you can feel it was not primarily designed for Java and Maven, and you can tweak it a bit to make it.

Upgrade from Maven 2 to 3

I discovered by chance today that Cloud9’s VMs come with Maven 2 installed, and some Maven plugins require Maven 3. So I suggest you just remove Maven 2 and put Maven 3 instead:

Have enough memory to build

A couple of months ago, Cloud9 introduced memory restrictions (which seems common sense when you have to handle a farm of virtual machines).

What is frustrating is that your processes can consume more memory than the limit, but when they do, they are just killed. Now, believe it or not, but it is quite easy for a Maven build to exceed the 512 Mb available in the free plan.

So, to make sure your builds are not killed, and taking other processes into account, here is a line to restrict Maven’s memory consumption:

Possible alternatives

Codenvy is another online IDE, which is reputed to have a better support for Java development. I have not tested thoroughly, as I have already taken my habits.

There are restrictions to the free plan, too, and your browser and firewall need to support websockets for you to use it.

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  1. How do I run my Maven app inside of c9, I managed to install Maven 3 with Java 8, I just dont understand how I can run it and preview it on the url inside c9

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